I wish all Indians a very happy Independence Day. As we celebrate the Independence Day with pride, gratitude and happiness, let’s remember the great Mahatmas who have sacrificed their lives for the freedom of our country.

What is India? What does it represent?

Is India represented only by the Govt. in Delhi as what the media projects? Or is it about Hinduism, caste system and BJP? Is Cricket the spirit of India? Is the colorful and musical bollywood the facet? Or is it about the protests and candle lights condolences at the India Gate? Do you see India in any of these selected elements? Sixty years of Independence! The search for true India continues…

To me, India is not about any individual or institution. It is an IDEA. An idea of oneness! It’s an expression for unity, harmony, equality and togetherness. An embodiment of true love. The idea is not about polarization or segregation but its all about respect for every individual. A kashmiri, Manipuri or an Andhrite, we are all very unique and this individual uniqueness makes us all very special and equal. We are one.

Practice and promote the idea of Oneness. Be an Indian.   

Happy Independence day.

Best regards

I wish all Indians a very happy Republic day. As we celebrate the Republic Day with pride, gratitude and happiness, let’s thank the Indian army, air force and navy for safeguarding our country from foreign intrusions. I am so obsessed with my previous messages that I can not restrain myself in re-sending it.

Each one of us might have his/her own reasons to celebrate this national day. I celebrate to show how thankful; I am to my motherland for all that I have gained from her. Thank you, God, for making me a citizen of this marvelous country. India has given me almost everything. My character, personality, discipline, respect, dignity, acceptance to new ideologies, religion etc. and what not, almost all qualities, I possess today is from this holy land. I thought it’s quite unique to me alone, but it’s in every Indian blood. This is true Indianism. This is the identity my country has given me. The fact that I am Indian is self explanatory of what type of person I am.

In near future, when economies of all countries saturate due to globalization and free trade, its hard to distinguish between € (European) and $(American). We are the only ones to survive with our identity. Because we Indians are not popular for our rupee but for our human values, valor, dignity, culture and our approach to life. The whole world will idolize India. As a citizen, we should thrive to practice, preserve and protect them from falling prey to western culture. Where ever you are, be an Indian.

One amazing aspect of Indianism is tolerance and acceptance to new faith, ideologies, beliefs and people. This is the key reason for the success of this largest democracy. This culture of acceptance is also the main cause for numerous evils to prevail in the society including corruption. We addressed many such evils in peaceful revolutions and are now a brand ambassador of peace to the rest of the world.

If you are fighting for a cause, raise your voice, let your thoughts be heard, convince the govt. and public and the change you want to be bring is inevitable. Hatred and violence is never a solution to any problem.

This is our country. We are here to stay. Let’s clean up the evils prevailing in the society. We are capable of creating a better tomorrow. Raise your voice. 
Jai Hind!

I wish all Indians a very happy Independence day. Wear the tricolor flag close to your heart and sing the anthem with pride for being a citizen of this fabulous country.

How could a chaiwala became a prime minister? How did an old man command the support of the youth from Jantar mantar?  How could a missile man be the most adorable person on earth? The answer to all these is positiveness. It is positive thinking, positive attitude and positive talking that made even the impossible look so simple.

How much of positiveness do we have in us?  How often do we speak good about others? When did u last have a positive self talk? Do u know the percentage of positive articles u read and watch?

When u think positive, u talk positive n u do only good. Positive attitude changes ur perception about urself n the world around u. Let us inject postiveness into our lives, society and into our country. Let the positive energy dampen the evils and make India a heaven on earth. 

Think positive! Talk positive! Act positive!

Happy Independence day

I wish you all a very happy Republic day. This year is quite special as we will showcase the strength of our army, navy and air force to the most powerful man on earth.   There will be grand display of the new Made in India products such as Akash, BrahMos, Pinaka and Central acquisition radar (CAR). On this special day, let’s thank all the defense forces for their valuable services in safeguarding our territory and providing us a safe and peaceful country to live.

Sixty six years ago, on the 26th of January, we had enforced a constitution which defines the duties and responsibilities of all public servants ranging from the president to the municipal councilor. Did we miss something to mention in this constitution?

The legislative, judiciary and executive institutions which govern the country comprise of less than 5% of our population. The 450 articles of the constitution define the roles and responsibilities of only 5% of the population. Why is there no mention about the duties of the remaining 95%? Don’t we, as common public have a duty to perform to our family, to the society and to the country? 

A teenager in this country is aware of the duties of the president of India. But does he know his responsibilities as a citizen of India?

Have you heard about Upanishads? These manuscripts written between 800BCE to 500BCE describe the social responsibility of each and every individual. The content of these may be totally irrelevant to the current society. But we definitely need something like this.  

I am an Indian. I should represent India. I am not just a ballot paper. My sincere request to all the intellectuals in this country: please append an article to the constitution, defining the roles and responsibilities of each citizen of this country.  

Happy republic day.

I wish all Indians a very happy 65th Republic Day.

In the last couple of years, we been amending the constitution, protesting for news laws , revising the existing regulations and trying to impose new constraints to ourselves. Why all of a sudden, do we need these new regulations?? To what extent can these new laws safeguard the individuals, society and the country? 

Let me illustrate an incident that happened recently. My mother purchased a fancy mobile number. She paid a lump some amount which she thought was including the monthly rental with call flat rate for the first six months. So she didn't pay her dues. After three months, her number got disconnected. When I called the customer care, I was told that the number will be activated once the dues are cleared.

I started thinking how to resolve the issue. The first idea that struck me was to ignore the fancy number without paying the phone bill and make a new contract with another provider. I do know that the network operator will not chase or punish me for not paying the bills. I informed this clever idea to my mother. Her first reaction was to clear the dues. I couldn't resist from laughing for her ignorance. I realized that she didn't understand my smart idea. So I explained her again that there will not be any issues for not paying the bills. But her reaction was still the same. she told me that since she has used the network, it is her duty to pay the bill. She explained to me that irrespective of the due amount and the punishment, it is her moral duty to pay for what she has used.

It took me some time to come to terms with the situation. I was shocked and embarrassed by my behavior. I was ashamed of myself. I couldn't find a trace of the values that my mother taught me all her life. Where am I heading to?

We do sacrifice our values and character for petty things such as time and money. In the past, we were scared of jumping the rules. But these days we don't care. We can buy anything and everything with money. In this process, we are losing our identity, values and submitting before the evil.  Lets not look for new laws but instead regain our lost values.

Lets revitalize our basics. Lets not forget the human values honesty, truth, loyalty etc, the things that we Indians are best known for. Lets not lose our identity.  Revisit the Indiaism. 

Amma cheppina matalalu maravadhu(telugu)....Amma choopina darini vadhaladhu(telugu)...

Happy Republic Day.

I wish all Indians a very happy republic day.

I take this opportunity to thank the Indian army, air force and navy for safeguarding our country from foreign intrusions. Let’s pay homage to Hemraj Singh and Lance Naik Sudhakar Singh who had sacrificed their lives safeguarding our border in Mendhar. Who ever has done this barbaric inhuman act of beheading and mutilating these Jawans should be punished.

The army had strongly condemned the killings. I am still unable to understand our foreign minister statement that this incident should not be escalated for long term benefits. Honorable minister sir, please honor the sacrifices of these jawans who have died on duty. What is the point in having peace talks in Delhi and Islamabad while our soldiers are being beheaded across the border? Let’s forget the political aspect of this incident.

Even more disturbing about these killings is the Hunger strike by martyr's mother and wife. These holy women were on indefinite fast demanding the return of the head of the slain soldier. A mother who has lost her son fighting for the nation cause, in great grief has to be on the streets asking for government help. They had to fast for four days to get a response from the government. Is this the respect we give to our jawans and their families? If you can not honor, at least acknowledge the sacrifice and service of these great personals.  I am proud to salute these heroes of our armed forces and their families.

Respect one and all. Honor the great men and never forget to salute the heroes.

Jai Hind

Best regards

Happy Independence Day

I wish all Indians a very happy Independence Day. Pin the tricolor flag close to your heart, sing the national anthem and salute the national flag. I do it on every Independence Day to show everyone how proud I am, to be a citizen of this fabulous country. This independence day, I wish to do something more. Come what may, I will not hate anyone. I will spread love and peace.

Dalai Lama, the Buddhist spiritual leader considers India as a heaven on earth. The world sees India as a peace loving nation. We achieved our independence through Ahimsa, the first non violent revolution across the globe. With such a strong affinity for peace, what is the cause of bloodshed across India. I am greatly devastated by the ethnic cleaning in Assam, MNS efforts to drive non-Maharashtrians out of Mumbai, TRS shutting down businesses associated to Andhra people and many more. Why is the Parliament and state assemblies tolerating such violence and segregation? These esteemed institutions are sending a wrong signal by not controlling the brutal forces prevailing in the society. Hatred is being spread among the sections of the people. Hatred is a live bomb which can explode at any time. Assam violence is one such example. I will not blame the corrupt political system for all this. We, the individuals are responsible for all this violence. I believe that no evil (hatred, violence) can enter us as long as we don’t submit to it. Be an Indian. Practice the human values that we are best known for. There’s a saying never hate even your enemy. Hatred is an epidemic. It corrupts your brain. It starts with your enemy, later spreads to your friends and slowly enters your family. Spread the message of love and peace.

Lets make our home a better place to live. Come what may, I will not hate anyone.       

Happy Independence day.

Best regards